Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year - New Life?

I admit I am right up there with the rest of the world: making resolutions and then promptly breaking them each year. This year I make no resolutions. I simply am trying to live each day as it comes - beginning each day with prayer and trying to live my life that day in such as way as to be a help to my Heavenly Father. In order to do that, I have to free my life up of all unnecessary activities, time wasters, etc. so I can be available.

I still have some pretty major time commitments (i.e. City Council, Seminary and PHS), but I am trying to be more available for my family and friends and neighbors and especially my Heavenly Father. Even just the thought of it brings me peace.

We had a great night to start the year off right - trip to the St. George Temple and dinner with 2 couples who are our dearest friends. Renewed and ready to tackle the year. Stand in holy places.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

I am truly thankful for this time of year. Thanksgiving Day holds a lot of beautiful memories for me. Today we had Mark and Kellie and their four children with us and Sam's father, Lyle. Then we also had children Cory and Kerin, and Jade and Colby and their 2 daughters. Add to that our other children, Carson, Walker, Lana and Bryce and we had a group of 18. The only ones missing who could have made the day complete were Taylor and Shannon and their 4 girls.
Thanksgiving Day is like a breath of fresh air before the hectic Christmas season starts. I love to just sit and enjoy the weekend - enjoy family, lay around in pajamas, eat lots of leftovers, and do whatever I want, whenever I want.
Thanks to the pilgrims for giving us this holiday. Actually, there are many, many, many things I am thankful for and it is nice to have a day set aside to force us into thinking about them.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zion Park - Oct 2009

Zion National Park Hike - Orderville/Narrows

I love these 5-day Harvest Holidays off of school. Autumn is such a beautiful time to be out in "nature." We camped out in Watchman Campground by the Zion Nat'l Park Visitors Center with Joe, Maureen, Cole & Rebekah in one camp site and Sam, Mary, Carson, Walker, Mark, Chase & Sean in another campsite. Judd and Erica stayed in Springdale in a motel (wimps). After a great pizza/pasta dinner in Springdale Thursday night, we all went to bed fairly early for a full day of hiking on Friday. I was surprised that I slept so well this night, other than the fact my sleeping bag kept sliding off my pad.

This campground is a little crowded if you are used to camping in the mountains with not many people around. Here we were within breathing distance of our neighbors and it took some getting used to. I nearly punched out the guy next to us - he came in really late and then he and his wife proceeded to laugh and talk (yell) as they got everything set up. Then he walked nearly over to our tent and made a cell phone call to his mother telling her all about how they just got in and why they were late and why they didn't get their permit, and on and on and on. I wanted to open up our tent flap and say "excuse me - some of us are trying to sleep." But I didn't -I behaved very respectably.

Friday morning I dropped off Joe, Cole, Rebekah, Carson, Walker, Chase, Sean, Mark, & Sam at their hike start - about an hour drive from camp. Judd & Erica met me and Maureen at camp and the four of us decided to hike up to Emerald Pools. I've made this hike at least 10 times but it is always beautiful-and the day was warm and beautiful. I felt bad that Sam had the camera on his hike and I couldn't take any photos of my day, but that is okay.

We all met up in the evening and went to the famous Bumbleberry Inn for dinner. We had never been there and decided to give it a try. Never again will I go there. Not one of was happy with our dinners. Service was extremely slow and the food was lousy. We went back to camp and made a big fire and sat up and talked.

We decided we need to come every year and reserve four sites together so it is like one big party - and have fun!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fallen Tree - Or is it?

Wild Flowers at Brighton July 24, 2009

We took a hike up around Silver Lake and then up to the reservoir above. Beautiful fields of flowers and green everywhere. I had forgotten how much I love the mountains of Salt Lake.

Just Say NO!!!

One would think at my advanced age that I would have learned how to say no. Whether it is someone asking me to do something or an opportunity I see, I want to do it. I think, "This will only take a little bit of my time," so I say yes. But when I add all of the "little bits of time" segments together, it equals a mess. I think of all the things I am doing because someone else wants me to and then think of all the things I am not doing because I don't have any free time and I get frustrated, tired, and depressed. I am making a firm commitment to free up my time and realize that if I don't do it, I will become sick. I must recognize the fact that someone else will pick up the slack and probably do the job better than me.

I enjoy all the opportunities around me right now and I forget how hard it is on my home and family when I am away so much and doing so many things. I carry around a huge load of guilt most of the time. I think I should be all things to all people. Where did that thinking come from? Why do I believe I have to do everything all of the time?

I have said it now - it's in writing - I'm cutting back. If anyone even reads this, I am counting on you to keep me on track. Help me to Just Say NO!!!